Are You an Enabler? Understanding Codependency vs. Helping binäre optionen geringe einzahlung   Codependency isn’t just amplified helping. One of the big misconceptions about codependency is that it’s simply being super, duper nice. It’s true that most codependents are kind and generous to a fault. You typically struggle to say “no” and set limits. As a result, people take advantage of your desire to help. But codependency is much more […]

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What is a Healthy Relationship? come funzionano le operazioni binarie   My clients often ask me: “What is a healthy relationship?”. This is a great question because it’s not obvious or instinctual to many, especially if you were abused as a child or you’ve witnessed or experienced abuse in a romantic relationship. If you’ve had a history of abuse or other trauma, it can be hard to […]

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Parenting Teens: 5 Ways to Cope with Your Teenager’s Drug Use

أطروحة بيان صفر   I recently had the privilege to write an article for the Stop Medicine Abuse campaign. Their mission is to prevent abuse of over the counter medications, especially cough medicines containing DXM. I decided to write a piece for parents about how to cope if your concern about your teen’s substance use. My tips apply whether […]

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What Exactly Is Self-Care and Why Do I Need It?

طريقة للسمنة في اسبوع What is self-care? Self care is doing something for your own health and well-being. It’s something enjoyable. It’s a way of prioritizing yourself. It’s a proactive way to manage stress and ward off anxiety and depression. I’m part of a self-care group for therapists where we share ideas and support each other in taking good […]

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11 Ways to Improve your Communication Skills

köpa online viagra 25 mg 25 mg Communication problems are one of the most common reasons couples and families come to counseling. It’s hard! It can help to remember that healthy communication is a skill and it can be learned. We all learn how to communicate from our families and other early experiences. However, these aren’t always the most respectful and productive […]

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