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Sharon Martin, LCSW is a recognized expert in emotional wellness, healthy relationships, and parenting. She is a freelance writer and writes the popular blog Happily Imperfect for Psych Central and a weekly column called Courage to be Me for The Good Men Project.


For a mental health media interview with Sharon, please contact Sharon’s office. Or to submit a guest post to this site, contact us here.

Sharon has been featured in:

How to Conquer the Martyr Complex (Real Simple Magazine)

How to Overcome Feeling Insecure in a Relationship (Love Evolve and Thrive)

How to Share Your Feelings, Fears and Insecurities with Him (Love Evolve and Thrive)

6 Ways to Calm Your Fear of Flying (Fab Fit Fun)

11 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success (Bustle)

How to Attract Healthy Love (Love Evolve and Thrive)

6 Ways to Shut Off Your Brain Before Going to Sleep (Simplemost)

11 Ways to Create the Most Sleep-Friendly Bedroom Ever (Bustle)

8 Ways to Release Negative Emotion, So You Can Feel Better the Right Way (Bustle)

Momma Interviews: Meet Sharon Martin (Happy with Baby)

7 Ways to Feel Instantly Happier, According to Science (Bustle)

7 Everyday Habits that are Bad for your Mental Health (Bustle)

How to Talk about Infertility (Redbook Magazine)

How to Set Family Rules for Teens (Teenage Learning)

5 Tips for Raise a Leader Who Doesn’t Follow the Crowd (Daily Parent)

10 Signs You’re Getting in Your Own Way (Live Strong)

Why You’re Always Overscheduled (Daily Worth and

Laughter for All (Rewire Me)

How to Effectively Deal with a Chronic Procrastinator (Lady Lux)

What Every Man Needs to Know about Handling Arguments in a Long-Term Relationship (Primer Magazine)

7 Ways to Survive a Breakup when you’re the Heartbreaker (She Knows)

The Surprising Ways Spring Cleaning can Improve your Health (The Active Times)

Cry It Out: 6 Surprising Health Benefits of Shedding a Few Tears (Medical Daily)

How Infertile Men Can Cope with Father’s Day (Baby Med)

Top Tips for Parenting Teens from the Experts (

Parenting in Today’s World (The Parenting Skills)


Sharon has written the following articles:

When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned (Global Love Project)

Do You REALLY Know Who You Are? (Your Tango)

September Reset (BonBon Break)

Using Mindfulness to Stop Anxious Overthinking (Progression Counseling)

Why I Stopped Trying to be Perfect (Sammiches and Psych Meds)

Parents Don’t Need to be Perfect (Today Parenting)

12 Signs You’re Being Too Nice (The Good Men Project)

8 Creative Ways to Help Yourself When You Are Feeling Blue (BonBon Break)

5 Essentials for Coping with Your Teenager’s Drug Abuse (Stop Medicine Abuse)

How to Keep Perfectionism From Harming Your Marriage (

The 11 Biggest Communication Mistakes Couples Make (Bustle)

How to Deal with Your Toxic Family this Year (The Good Men Project)

How to Deal with Grief during the Holidays (The Good Men Project)

Navigating the Holidays when your Partner is an Addict (The Good Men Project)

Tell Me I’m Anything But Depressed! (The Good Men Project)

Say Yes to Yourself (Today Parenting Team)

The Ex and Space: What Nice Guys Need to Know (The Good Men Project)

Top 10 Confessions of a Perfectionist (Psych Central)

An Overthinker’s Nightmare (Psych Central)

Insecurities (Aletheia -Lynbrook High School)

Trickle Down Self-Care for Moms (The Mommy Happiness Project)



How to Set Boundaries Compassion Fatigue Podcast Compassion Fatigue Podcast hosted by Jennifer Blough, LPC. How to Set Healthy Boundaries with Sharon Martin, LCSW.





Emotional Health radio guest Sharon Martin, LCSW

WGN Radio Saturday Night Special with Amy Guth. Sharon spoke to talk radio host Amy Guth about how and why to practice gratitude.





Women in Depth podcast: Overcoming People Pleasing an interview with Sharon Martin, LCSW

Women in Depth podcast hosted by Lourdes Viado, Ph.D. Overcoming People Pleasing with Sharon Martin, LCSW.





Sharon Martin video about self-esteem and self-criticism

True Calling Project hosted by John Harrison, LPC. Working Through a Negative Self Concept with Sharon Martin, LCSW.





therapy chat logo

Therapy Chat hosted by Laura Reagan, LCSW-C. Understanding Perfectionism.






There's No Such Thing as a Perfect MotherMotherhood hosted by Dr. Christina Hibbert on Web Talk Radio. There’s No Such Thing as a “Perfect” Mom: Overcoming Perfectionism.


Motherhood hosted by Dr. Christina Hibbert on Web Talk Radio. Coping, Healing and Carrying on after Perinatal Loss featuring Sharon Martin, LCSW.




Launching your Daughter

Launching Your Daughter hosted by Nicole Burgess, LMFT. Helping Parents and Teens Embrace Imperfection.





Selling the Couch Session 37

Selling the Coach Podcast Session 37 – An Expert Guide to Private Practice Blogging featuring Sharon Martin, LCSW





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