11 Ways to Improve your Communication Skills

11 Ways to Improve your Communication Skills

Communication problems are one of the most common reasons couples and families come to counseling. It’s hard!

It can help to remember that healthy communication is a skill and it can be learned. We all learn how to communicate from our families and other early experiences. However, these aren’t always the most respectful and productive ways to communicate. Below are the 11 most common communication mistakes that I see in my therapy practice.

Common Communication Mistakes:

  1. Making assumptionsCommunication Mistakes Couples Make
  2. Talking to your partner when s/he’s busy
  3. Accusing your partner of “always” or “never” doing something
  4. Being overly critical
  5. Interrupting
  6. Lecturing
  7. Forgetting about tone of voice
  8. Being passive aggressive
  9. Talking over each other
  10. Giving unsolicited advice
  11. Avoiding difficult subjects

Do these problems happen in your relationship? If so, I’d love to help you develop some healthy communication skills. We all want to feel understood, appreciated, and loved. Practicing listening and speaking can help you accomplish this.

I hope you’ll head over to Bustle to read the full article: The 11 Biggest Communication Mistakes Couples Make.

If you’re struggling with communication in your relationship(s), I can help. I have availability for a limited number of highly-motivated clients in my San Jose counseling office. Contact me today to set up an appointment.


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