Do Something Nice Day

  October 5th is National Do Something Nice Day. In honor of this day for doing good deeds, I made a short video for you with some ideas and a challenge.   Please share your acts of kindness in the comments and let us know how it felt to do something nice today. Have a kind day!           […]

Parenting Teens: Parent Survival Tips

  I always say: Parenting is like a marathon. You’re in it for the long haul. Day to day in the trenches is hard. I’m right there with you as I have two teens myself. Some days are great and some day I just want to run away. I put together a few tips to help you through. Parenting Teens […]

What contributes to anxiety?

What Contributes to Anxiety?: 6 Things You Need to Stop Doing When You Are Anxious

Some of the hallmarks of anxiety are uncontrollable worry, over-thinking, and ruminating. If you suffer from anxiety, you may wonder what contributes to anxiety. These six behaviors can exacerbate anxiety, so you may find it helpful to make changes in these areas.   1. Watching the news: The news is mostly bad news. When I watched the 11 O’clock news […]

10 Signs you are a Perfectionist

  Perfectionism can be a serious barrier to success and happiness at work and in personal relationships. We might think having high standards is a good thing. However, perfectionists are so harsh and rigid in their thinking and behavior that it can become a problem. Here are 10 signs you are a perfectionist to help you get started. High expectations […]

How to Help your Infertile Friend on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is hard – really hard – when you’re wanting to have a baby, but can’t. If you care enough about your friend, sibling, or coworker, to look up answers on the internet, you’re half way there. The fact that you are trying to help and recognize that infertility is hard is amazing! And because I’ve been through infertility myself, […]

9 Morning Habits for a Happier Day #morninghabits #happyday

9 Morning Habits for a Happier Day

We’re looking for simple ways to increase our happiness. Our morning habits set the tone for the day. Successful, happy people make time for healthy, centering routines to start their day. Get up early: I always feel better when I get up earlier. I seem to get more done all day long. Exercise: Exercising in the morning ramps up our metabolism […]

10 Simple Tips to Deal with Perfectionism

10 Simple Tips to Deal with Perfectionism

Striving for excellence is a good thing. Perfectionism, however, is an unhealthy and unrelenting expectation that you’ll excel at everything, you’ll never fail or make a mistake, that you’re flawless.  When you expect the impossible from yourself and others, you’re bound to be unhappy. When you expect yourself to be perfect, you make your self-worth contingent upon your accomplishments. This […]

Breathe your way to a Peaceful Life: Breathing Exercises for Stress

Breathing Exercises for Stress Breathing is my favorite stress reliever. It’s quick, easy, and you can do it anywhere. In my opinion, there’s really no wrong way to utilize breathing to reduce stress. In its simplest form you can do it in the grocery store line or between test questions. You don’t actually need any particular technique for breathing exercises […]