Does Meditation Work? (Results of my Meditation Challenge)

Does Meditation Work? #meditation #mindfulness #calm #focus #choosemuse

A couple weeks ago I started my meditation challenge to answer the question: does meditation work? Specifically, I wanted to see if a small, but consistent amount of meditation would help me regain focus and calm. This is a short (2 minute) video that explains what meditation is and how it helps.

As you may remember, I am meditating with Muse, the brain sensing headband. I like Muse because it provides me with real-time data on each meditation session. I usually did 1 or 2 sessions that lasted 5-10 minutes. So, my total time commitment was minimal.

Does meditation work? Here are my observations:

  • I do feel better overall.
  • If you haven’t been meditating, 5 mins of silence is a long time!
  • I actually started to crave meditation. It was different then looking forward to it; it really felt like my mind telling me I needed it.
  • I have a frequently sore back muscle and it didn’t bother me at all during my meditation challenge.
  • When I meditate at night, I tend to fall asleep.
  • My results generally showed more calmness on weekends.
  • Even a very small amount of meditation helps.


meditation on muse In this session, I got into a nice calm place pretty quickly. Towards the end I kept dozing off.


muse image And on this one, I just struggled during most it. You can see my mind was very active, especially during the second half.


This short article explains how the brain changes with meditation – leading to more focus, calm, less anxiety and reactivity. Sound good? Give it a try. The key is to just keep practicing everyday and you will gradually strengthen the parts of the brain that regulate, plan, and think.

Sharon Martin, a counselor and therapist in San Jose, specializes in helping you decrease stress and anxiety in order to create a peaceful and balanced life. Sharon provides counseling to adults and teenagers to help them heal, succeed, and grow happiness. She has had a private psychotherapy practice in Campbell for the past 15 years where she is available for counseling and coaching. Sharon is also the author of Setting Boundaries Without Guilt: A Workbook to Move You From Doormat to Empowerment.


  1. What an interesting app! I am intrigued. Thank you for sharing your results, especially the statement about not experiencing back pain, because I can see that being a reason not to try meditation for many people.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I recommend meditation to anyone. Like you mentioned, the key is to start small and eventually you will “crave” the peace it brings afterwards.

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