How do you know when you need therapy?

How do you know when you need counseling? SharonMartinCounseling.comAre you wondering if you really need therapy? Most people who come to therapy are average folks, just like you. They are looking for support through a change or trauma. They are having trouble coping with stress or transitions.

You should consider therapy when:

  • You’ve tried to change/fix it on your own, but haven’t seen the results you are looking for
  • The problem/issue has persisted for 6 months or longer
  • Things seem to be getting worse
  • Your friends and family are tired of hearing about your problems
  • You are looking for a new perspective or unbiased feedback
  • Your doctor, spouse, or someone else has suggested you try therapy

What is holding you back from utilizing counseling? It can certainly be scary to try something new. And while I can’t promise you success in therapy, therapy is a useful tool for many, many people. Like most things in life, you get out of it what you put in. Therapists can’t magically solve your problems, but we are excellent listeners, compassionate and understanding, motivating, and experts in helping you find individualized strategies for your problems and needs.

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