Want to be Happier?

Would you like to be happier? Many people are seeking the keys to happiness. It’s an interesting subject and much has been studied and written about it. I have been reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. More on that in another post (I’m almost finished). Today I enjoyed this short article on the subject. I have always been fascinated by the author’s observation that many in poor or third world countries seem content if not happy. How can this be? Surely, part of it is that once we no longer need to focus on basic needs we have more time and energy to contemplate happiness. Martin Lindstrom proposes that comparing ourselves to others is the cause of much unhappiness and that technology plays are big part in this. I can see his point. But here we are in the heart of Silicon Valley. Seems we need to learn to protect ourselves from lure of wanting more and comparison and maybe even find more ways to use technology to increase our happiness.

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