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Counseling appointments are available on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in my counseling office in Campbell. A limited number of evening appointments are available. New clients usually need to start with a daytime appointment with the possibility of moving into an evening slot when one becomes available. You can schedule your first appointment by clicking on the Request Appointment button below.



$180 per session (50 minutes) of individual psychotherapy/counseling

$190 per session (50 minutes) of family or couples psychotherapy/counseling

$270 per session (75 minutes) extended session for those preferring to “dig deep” or preferring longer, less frequent sessions for convenience

Fees are collected at the time of service. Cash, checks, credit cards, Health Savings Accounts, and Flexible Spending Accounts can be used.

It’s normal to feel ambivalent about starting therapy – about spending money on yourself and about confronting difficult feelings and issues. I want to help you create long-lasting changes; it’s not always easy, but it’s an investment in yourself!

In my experience, you will achieve the best results when we commit to meeting weekly for at least the first 4 weeks. After that, we can discuss whether your goals can be met by meeting less frequently.




I am not directly contracted with any health insurance plans. I will collect payment from you at the time of service. If you have a PPO type plan, I am considered an out of network provider and I can submit a claim for you, if you like, to help facilitate any reimbursement you may be entitled to. Please note that filing an insurance claim means that I need to assign you a mental health diagnosis.

I have chosen not to contract with insurance companies because if I do, I can’t provide the level of service and confidentiality that I value. I know because I tried!

Together, you and I will make decisions about the amount and type of therapy that best fits your needs — rather than having your insurance company dictate what services you receive. Working independently, I don’t have to compromise on the quality of services that I provide to my clients.



New Clients:

If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, click on the button below to view my calendar and choose a time that works for you! This is usually the most efficient way to get started. After you request an appointment, you will receive an email confirmation and a link to complete the new client forms through the client portal.

Not quite ready to schedule a session? Feel free to email me and let me know when you’re available for a brief consultation by phone.