Counseling for Men

Counseling for Men San Jose CA

Therapy and Counseling for Men in San Jose


Something feels “off”.

You work hard (perhaps a bit too hard) thinking that achieving will bring you happiness, but ultimately you feel like something is still missing. Your life may look pretty good on the outside, so you wonder why you’re not completely happy. But there are signs that something’s not quite right – some health problems without a real medical cause, feeling tense, not sleeping, worrying, or a loss of confidence and focus.

Your relationships aren’t very satisfying. On the one hand, you want real connection, but something holds you back. Either you keep choosing the “wrong” people to date or your marriage has turned into a roommate situation. You want more, but you don’t know to change things.

You give a lot and do a lot for others. It’s hard to acknowledge that you haven’t been able to figure this all out on your own. I love working with men who are brand new to therapy (and maybe a bit skeptical) and with guys who’ve been to therapy before and are eager to reap the benefits.



Where are you feeling stuck?


What’s keeping you from deep, loving, and satisfying personal relationships?

  • communication problems
  • codependency
  • anger
  • fear of intimacy
  • low self-esteem or self-worth
  • unhealed trauma


I specifically provide counseling for men who are over-stressed, anxious, and feeling stuck. I can help you learn to effectively overcome the issues that are holding you back professionally and/or personally.


If you’re ready to make lasting changes, I invite you to schedule a session or email me and let me know when you’re available for a brief consultation by phone. I look forward to working with you.