About Dr. Martin

Sharon Martin LCSW san jose therapist

Hi, I’m Sharon Martin, a licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and author specializing in codependency recovery and family estrangement.

For the past 25 years, I’ve been helping adult children recover from difficult childhoods, overcome feelings of unworthiness, and learn to set boundaries.

I’m excited to support you on your journey of healing and self-discovery.

At some point, we all realize that our lives haven’t turned out as we expected. We repeat the same patterns and get frustrated that they do not bring the results we want. But at the same time, we’re afraid to change – afraid to upset our lives and families, afraid to let people down, afraid of being judged, afraid of the unknown. It’s easier to just leave your life on autopilot. But what price are you paying? Are you just going through the motions of your own life?

This has been my experience, too. With support and a lot of effort, I gave up trying to be perfect and acknowledged that I, too, was full of pain and shame that needed to be healed. It was scary and freeing all at the same time. But I can assure you that it’s possible to find your true self and create relationships where you’re known and seen and accepted for who you really are.

My Approach to therapy

I believe it’s important to love and accept yourself. I believe laughter is healing. I believe in telling it like it is. I believe in utilizing your strengths rather than focusing on pathology or diagnosing. I believe change is possible. I believe we all need to be kinder to ourselves. I believe you are worth investing in!

If you’re looking for a more clinical answer, I favor cognitive behavioral therapy, client-centered therapy, mindfulness, positive psychology, and strengths-based counseling. And while some people are just looking for a quick fix to feeling better, I find the most satisfying and long-lasting change happens when you’re willing to dig in deep and get to the root of the problem by exploring patterns that often began in childhood.


Over twenty years ago, I began my career working in community mental health programs serving under resourced members of our community. My experience includes counseling, program management, and clinical supervision in programs serving adolescents, unhoused individuals, juvenile offenders, veterans, and individuals struggling with addiction, trauma, and mental illness.

For the past ten years, I’ve built a specialized private practice helping adults struggling with anxiety, perfectionism, codependency, difficult family relationships, and family estrangement. It reflects my belief that you matter and you can love yourself, heal, be empowered, speak your truth, and create a fulfilling life.

In addition to my professional training and experience, I am a mother of three young adults. So, I know first hand how stressful parenting can be and how important it is to take care of ourselves while we’re taking care of everyone else!


Counseling Expertise

  • Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families and Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)
  • Family Estrangement
  • Anxiety
  • Codependency
  • People-Pleasing
  • Perfectionism
  • Setting Boundaries and Healthy Relationships
  • Self Acceptance and Self-Esteem
  • LGBTQ Affirming