Tips on setting successful goals

Setting successful goals

Setting successful goals

Happy 2014! Here are a few tips for setting successful goals for the new year (or anytime).

1. Take your time and consider what you really want to focus on. It’s OK if you still don’t have goals for 2014. And it’s OK if it takes you several weeks more, as long as you are reflecting and considering.

2. Frame your goal as a positive. Focus on what you do want to do rather than what you don’t want to do. For example, “I will drink 8 glasses of water a day” rather than “I will cut back on soda”.

3. Have patience. Change is a process. It’s incremental and you will reach your goals little by little.

4. Expect failure. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t quit when you have a setback. Success is not all or nothing. Saving $50 is still a success even if your goal had been to save $100.

5. Don’t try to do too much. Setting a lofty goal can lead to discouragement. You want goals that challenge you, but are do-able. If you have a big goal, break it down into manageable pieces.

(c) Sharon Martin, LCSW

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